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McKendree Key

The Breakfast Den is a public meeting in a private space.  It is a carving out of time and space that allows for the everyday acts of eating and gathering to generate a new kind of social experience. 





Dhira Rauch 

Dhira Rauch makes new theater with old things. She has performed throughout New York (Galapagos, Danspace, Ontological Theater, Brooklyn Lyceum, Heliopolis, Collective Unconscious, 80 St. Marks, etc), on giant boats in San Francisco (WePlayers), and in various media and mediums in Scotland, Los Angeles and Kansas City. In the interest of asking the questions with no marks, Dhira has led paratheatrical research in Iceland, eaten popcorn nearing the speed of light, and corrupted academic conferences by transforming podiums into performative slinkies. She is deeply connected to the performance of food, and sometimes moonlights as a sushi chef, performing the precision of the palate with an extremely large knife. She holds a Masters in Creative Inquiry from EPI at New College and a BFA from Tisch Experimental Theater Wing. Dhira currently curates events and happenings in Industry City and runs a Creative Residency program in New Jerusalem, PA, through Holes in the Wall Collective, a curatorial organization merging people/art/ideas and materials, where she is the co-founder and co-director.


Biff Elrod

Biff Elrod (b. 1946, Fort Worth Texas) is an artist working and living in New York City and North Carolina. “I like the idea that a painting can present itself directly to any number of viewers, in various cultural settings, and on a variety of levels. Nice to think that the shared visual language of painting and photography can produce an element of global culture that might transcend any specific location. The universal that I see in what we call "art" is the veracity of the intentions of the producer. I feel that this veracity is more important to the quality and durability of the produced item than either "form' or "content". My aim is to design work that presents itself clearly on first impression, and continues to reveal it’s content beyond that initial encounter. Perhaps in common with many others, I wish to make my work durable to the passage of time and trends.The pursuit of 'sustainable 'possibility' is a goal and an ideal.” -Biff Elrod


Kanan Shree Vyas-Prasse

Corey Tatarczuk

Jessica Sucher

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