Alpha Sierra Mike Romeo (ASMR) for plants and you too

Play separately or all at once

Hello. Raise your volume and maximize your screen. Lower the lights and close your eyes. Enjoy the sensory tingles all over you and your cactus. Allow calm to overtake you.

Hello. Please lower the lights and relax. The yucca is relaxing. Enjoy what you have at your fingertips, don't try to overthink.

Hello. Please lower the lights. Don't strain your voice, the sanseveria is sensitive, it is listening.

Hello. Please lower the lights. The angel trumpet flowers are descending. Don't touch. They unfurl, they lower themselves to their full length, they shrivel in the night.

Hello. Please lower the lights. The juniper is planting, the soil opens up to accomodate it. The leaves, the soil, the autumn air are crisp.

Hello. Please adjust your volume. The snake plant's rhizome is creeping, the soil is stimulated, the flowers are resting inside.