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This was recorded in Brooklyn, in July of 2016. Purple is a color, although not a spectral color. The purple economy is a part of the economy. Purple magazine is a French publication. Purple cipher machine is an American codename of a Japanese cipher machine used before and during World War II. Purple Rain is the sixth studio album from Prince. Purple government is a political term. Purple prose is written prose that is overly extravagant, ornate, or flowery. Purple Mountain is on the eastern side of Nanjing, China. is a website founded in 1994. Norman H. Purple is an American jurist 1803-1863. Purple Kush is a strain of Cannabis.
Produced by Georgia Elrod and Sarada Rauch.


Sidestepping Pigeonholes

This was recorded in Brooklyn, in April of 2016. The original conversation was edited down to this version. Everyone has experience with assumptions. We are looking for ways we can complicate how we are perceived.
Produced by Georgia Elrod and Sarada Rauch.

Brick and Mortar

This was recorded in Brooklyn, in November of 2015. The original conversation was edtied down to this version. We invited guests to discuss “brick and mortar”, around the table with drinks, snacks and legos. This topic is fitting for our first episode, because we recently lost our brick and mortar gallery and moved to this online platform.
Produced by Georgia Elrod, Baris Gokturk and Sarada Rauch.

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